Reviews and feedback from our clients around the world.
3 Multi Million Dollar Deals In Less Than A Year
"Moran was a knockout in helping us grow our business exponentially through raising capital and doing acquisitions"
30+ acquisitions and 8 figures in capital raised
"Moran gave me nothing but good guidance and support to close deals and raise so much capital to do so and I'll always appreciate it"
Closed first deal in less than 7 weeks
"The biggest lesson was your email back to me which was when I was real nervous, and I was early in the negotiations and not sure if I should do a letter of intent and you're like "Just do it" and then I was all nervous so went ahead and did it... I'm like until you step off and jump into the pool, I was never gonna figure this out so I'm like, I'm gonna either drown or I'm gonna learn how to swim real quick."
Gave Me The Information I Needed
"Moran gave me the information I needed when I was buying a company. I will for sure use his services in the future..."
The Experience Has Been Incredible
"I've been working with Moran Pober from acquisitions.com for a couple of weeks. I just wanna say the experience has been incredible and I've learned so much from him and he's expanded my mindset just to another level that I didn't even think was possible..."
"Offer and finance accepted for multi million dollar deals in the US and UK"
"I've been learning a lot about mergers and acquisitions anything from negotiations, offers, deal flow, capital the whole process. It's great to be working alongside Moran. He's always there for me to discuss any question I have"
The Right Amount of Content
"All in all, the content is amazing and the support is great. I've done several different types of courses from sales to marketing. This one really is different when it comes to compelling content that's not overwhelming. It's truly just the right amount of content."
"I'm finally the owner and not an employee in my business"
"I'm finally the owner - who is owning my firm vs owner operating the day to day in my firm.... our company now operates with high effectiveness and a clear plan to also grow it by acquiring other firms and raising more capital."
Taking On A global tech deal from a retired owner
"The program gave me the tools for doing business at the highest level"
Bought competitors and complimentary businesses to his existing one
"I've spent a lot of my career doing marketing strategy and I'm pretty good at it. But man, Moran and his team just know what they're doing. The whole program is crisp, man. The coaches know exactly what you need to be doing. They're professional. You feel like you're inside a team."
Million Dollar Business In 30 Days for $1
"Very grateful to Moran and his programme. I was able to purchase a business for $1 using his strategies, thank you"
An Average Joe....Signing A Million Dollar Deal. 
"Moran is extremely helpful, he wants you to put yourself out there and start learning about the process behind mergers and acquisitions" 
$3.5 Million Dollars Raised for the Deal in 4 Months.
"Amazed by the support I've received! Moran helped me get focused on the right types of deals"
$1 Buy for Shares
"Learning a massive amount from the program. I've learned so much in the process. Moran is always there for you. These guys are professionals. Unbelievable experience!"
Helped Open My Eyes. 
"Showed the importance of growing organically and exponentially. You get instant access to the companies revenue, people and assets. I learned that mentorship is key to success. Your program is worth every hour, thank you so much!"
Changed my life. Now a full time business investor
"Stop thinking, Moran and his team are incredible. I learned how to read financial statements and how to set-up the deals. Work with Moran, he's changed my life." 
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