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The Acquisitions team was a knockout in helping us grow our business exponentially through raising capital and doing acquisitions.

John Kaplan
Three multi million dollar acquisitions

Got a lot of things from the Acquisitions team about structuring a company and managing people that helped them grow tremendously not just organically but by buying companies!

David Kosciusko
A million dollar acquisition + 30% internal growth

I will make $2.4 million on the deal of putting together five marketing companies in a group.

Adam Cox
Five marketing companies roll up

Closed two deals with $3.2 million revenue vendor financing and have operation capital on each business.

Lyle Jaworski
Acquisitions totalling $3.2 mil in revenue

Acquisitions’s content and the methodology help me acquire my business. I'm now actively working on acquiring other bolt-on businesses for the ones I acquired!

Matt Walker
Acquired $1.2MM/year revenue business

We purchased the business for $2.7 million business with the Acquisitions’s team help.

Borislav Mijovic
Purchased $13 mil in revenues company

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